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Dr. Phil full episode: What Were They Thinking? When Sentencing Seems To Make No Sense

by Dr Phil Club

Dr. Phil takes a closer look at what many call “outrageously lenient sentences” for serious, high-profile crimes. Dr. Phil meets a former superior court judge who lost his job after giving zero jail time to a man who strangled a woman unconscious and threatened to kill her. Also, a rape victim’s mother speaks out for the first time on daytime television about how her daughter’s rapist walked out of court with zero jail time.


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Olesia October 2019 -

Jesus Christ why does aunt Becky get a pass and this woman doesn’t? There’s no justice

Aaron Burr Atwood. October 2019 -

Aunt Becky hasn’t been to trial yet, I hope they throw the book at her & her husband.

Kristin Etienne October 2019 -

Strange 🤔 why am I this early to a dr. Phil episode 😧

WonderfulJourney October 2019 -

All we have to do is follow the straight this system has establish and mind our own business. we’ll be alright!

Lea Gohl October 2019 -

Are you on meth??

Wendy G October 2019 -

New Jersey is garbage

Leslie Olson October 2019 -

I guess Brock Turner came from a good family too, maybe

Amy Poole October 2019 -

It makes my heart sink into my stomach to see this.😢

Kay Hamp October 2019 -

Yea nobody wants to talk about this! Thanks for this topic Dr.Phil

Sharon Leeson October 2019 -

Exactly!!! NOBODY wants to address these issues because the men are all poor and don’t look like them!

Sara Ferguson October 2019 -

We should be tho…

Patricia Dollin October 2019 -

what about the girl that got nothing for killing her baby and bury it in the her back yard?

Sofia Sunny October 2019 -

Skylar Richardson was convicted of gross abuse of a corpse. She received 3 years of probation. Just to say.

Eve Rosenfeld October 2019 -

I think that is exactly the point everyone is trying to make with regards to the Brock Turner case. They’re two sides of the same coin.

Brittany Anne October 2019 -

White privilege at it’s finest

Lamees Allie October 2019 -

Imagine if it was a black kid!!!! SMH

browneyes October 2019 -

He would be living under the jailhouse.

Karizma Charles October 2019 -

Is it possible, ever, to NOT bring race into it?! Funny how we are called the Racist ones, though🙄

Julia C . Edwards October 2019 -

@Karizma Charles its true though? I’m white and completely agree with that comment.

real Tez October 2019 -

Karizma Charles stfu

Shirley Waggoner October 2019 -

I quote many of Dr. Phil’s comments to his guests. So many of his comments are so relative to today’s society.
“If he did it with you, he’ll do it to you”
“You train people how to treat you”. Every women should have this printed so she can refer to it when life isn’t fair.


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