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Dr. Phil full episode: Underage Marriage

by Dr Phil Club

A teen marriage, accusations of sexual abuse, maternal abandonment ” you name it, this family drama has it all.


Too Young to Wed?

Leslie says she didn’t give permission for her 16-year-old daughter, Corina, to marry Ryan, 18, and now wants the union annulled. Corina says she wants her mother to back off and stay out of her life because her mother abandoned her and doesn’t deserve a vote.

The Accusations Fly

Corina says her mother is retaliating because she accused her stepfather, Chris, of molesting her two years ago. Leslie says Corina has a history of lying, and she finds it hard to believe her daughter was sexually abused.

A Mom in Name Only?

Leslie signed papers for Corina and her brother to be adopted out, and Corina says she can’t forgive her. Can this mother-daughter relationship be repaired, and should Corina end her marriage?

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