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Dr. Phil full episode: Torn between Two Husbands

by Dr Phil Club

Orlena is in love with two men. Her first love and first husband was a soldier, Chad, who went to Iraq and came back a changed man. Devastated and heartbroken she moved on and into the arms of Brent, her high school crush. One month after marrying Brent, Chad called and begged her to come back. Orlena asks, “Is it possible to be in love with two men at the same time?”



Chad joins the discussion. He shares his mistakes upon returning from Iraq and expresses his feelings about the current situation. And, Brent gives Chad a piece of his mind.

Inappropriate Conversations?

Since Chad made initial contact with Orlena, they have talked numerous times, and he even spent three days visiting her. What has she been saying to Chad, and are the chats appropriate for a married woman to be having?

Reflecting on Their Experience

Brent, Orlena and Chad discuss their thoughts after speaking with Dr. Phil.

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