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Dr. Phil full episode: The Search for Missing Grandma

by Dr Phil Club

Tyler’s grandmother was a mystery to him until today. She walked out of his father’s life 43 years ago when he was just a toddler. His father took his own life in 2015 and never got to see his mother again, something he always struggled with. Troy Dunn, The Locator, was able to solve this mystery for Tyler and reunites him with family members he didn’t even know existed. You won’t want to miss as Dr. Phil helps Tyler through this emotional roller-coaster.


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Grisel Baez December 2019 -

The cousin and aunt looked nice but g-ma obviously had some issues

Journeystomake Alkebulan December 2019 -

Why am I not surprised the grandmother didn’t attend?! Smh!

kfamily December 2019 -

I do NOT believe her story 🤦🏼‍♀️😕

Belle Rain December 2019 -

Mental abuse and manipulation is serious, but if I believed my husband was dangerous and abusive, I would have taken my kids and ran as fast as I could!! So…yeah, I think she’s making up excuses for leaving her kids.

a.j.a.k.uk. December 2019 -

There are ppl out there not able to have children and then there are ppl like this um woman who drops a kid and then leaves it. Disgusting!

Kai Harris December 2019 -

That me who cant have kids. I tried twice both died

Melanie Vegan-Dodson December 2019 -

Without intervention, trauma is likely to beget trauma.

Zero The painter December 2019 -

So the guy never hit her but she was afraid he would kill her ? She making up a bunch of bs to say she didn’t care about those kids just her first kids .

liz sipp December 2019 -

No sympathy for this lady . She is NOT A MOM .

Following Phan December 2019 -

If your mom abandon you, it maybe best to not look for her.

Sofia Sunny December 2019 -

To get some relief, people sometimes need to have answers to what happened, to bring closure.

C.C. Benjie December 2019 -

I think the woman has a lot of issues and she would rather be alone.

C.M xxo December 2019 -

Her eyes freak me out lol

Connie Ruelas Avila December 2019 -

That woman was not worth all that trouble of being found

Samsng Device December 2019 -

Not everyone you lose is a loss.

Lisa Torres December 2019 -

Sad situation. We as people have to stop and think about how our actions could really affect somebody else.


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