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Dr. Phil full episode: The Dr. Phil House: Rules of Engagement, Part 3

by Dr Phil Club

Part 3 summary:
The last day in The House approaches as the four couples are put to one more test. To examine how each couple contaminates their relationship with unrealistic expectations, Dr. Phil gives one person from each pair a “bump in the road.” Donning a pregnancy suit, Lacey surprises Kalin with the news that she’s pregnant with someone else’s child. Kalin tells her that he would leave her. 


Steve is made to look older and obese. Not surprisingly, Stephanie tells him that she would take control of his food intake. Lisa loses her good looks as she’s made over to look like she lives on the street. Although Scott jokes with her and offers her a kiss, Lisa notes that he seems to be avoiding her. And, Tim is in a wheelchair and tells Lilly he won’t be able to care for her like he used to. In fact, she’ll need to help him out. Lilly says she wouldn’t be able to help while pregnant, but she’s confident that Tim would get used to his condition and be just as helpful as he was. 

Then, the couples have their final meeting with Dr. Phil. When asked to stand up if they think they should get married, everyone stands but Lisa and Scott. Dr. Phil pulls no punches as he tells the couples what their biggest challenges are. He criticizes Kalin for being a coward, a bully and “astoundingly immature.” Dr. Phil implores him to change his attitude before they get married. He notes that Lacey is full of excuses for Kalin and after 10 years together, this must be what she believes she deserves. 

Dr. Phil tells Stephanie that she has a chip on her shoulder, and that every time she tests Steve and he stays, she feels reassured that he loves her. Stephanie feels picked upon and cries to Steve that she’s being unfairly singled out. Dr. Phil tells her that she’s a brat, and she needs to stop her controlling ways. If she really wants to know Steve’s character, she should relinquish some of her iron-grip control and see what he does. 

Dr. Phil notes that Lisa and Scott want different things, and their expectations may never mesh. Lisa wants security, while Scott wants to be a rock star. He tells Scott that Lisa may be too high-maintenance for him, and he had better figure that out now before he finds himself getting his fourth divorce. 

When Lilly asks Dr. Phil if she and Tim are on the right track, he tells them that their biggest challenge is their youth and inexperience. They will always be parents together, but if they want to be spouses, they need to work at it. 

Finally, Dr. Phil reveals that there are more prizes to hand out for the challenges they’ve won. Lacey and Kalin will receive a GE appliance package worth $7,000 for winning a cooking challenge. Tim and Lilly won a Best Buy TV and some maternity clothes from Babystyle.com. Stephanie and Steve will receive a vacation at Lake Austin Spa Resort. Then, Dr. Phil asks Kalin and Lacey, and Scott and Lisa to join him outside, where they are surprised with brand new Hyundai Santa Fe SUVs for winning the teamwork challenge. As the couples rejoice, Steve leaves the room and angrily paces in his bedroom. 

In the end, armed with the knowledge they’ve gained from this experience, the couples claim to be cautiously optimistic about their futures.


Since leaving The Dr. Phil House, Kalin proposed to Lacey. She says Kalin quit drinking, and she’s no longer worried about him cheating or physically harming her. Stephanie reports that she and Steve no longer engage in heated arguments. She says she remains calm and can’t wait to marry Steve. Lisa says she returned her ring to Scott and called off the wedding, though she admits that could change because her opinion changes daily. Tim and Lilly had a baby boy. Tim says he hopes when the weather turns warm, he can take Lilly out on hot air balloon and propose to her.

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