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Dr. Phil full episode: Tara’s Troubles

by Dr Phil Club

Previously recorded in studio before social distancing.
Tara emailed Dr. Phil saying America needed to hear her story. She claims her husband, Mike, is a sociopath who controls her every move. She says he doesn’t want her to succeed as an artist or teacher, and videotapes her constantly to make her look mentally ill or like a drunk. Mike claims Tara is manic, unstable, and might be bipolar. He says she degrades and embarrasses him in front of everyone, but he married for better or for worse. Can Dr. Phil help these spouses at war for the sake of their children?


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Stephen August 2020 -

Shoot the bitch.

Dan August 2020 -

I have lost just about all respect I had for Dr. Phil after this episode. I get it that Tara sounded like a victim and was making or at least helping make the kids victims also, but having lived for a long time with a very sociopathic brother I know how someone who is being manipulated time and time again grows bitter and can absolutely lose it at times if they have no support.

Dr. Phil totally missed the mark with the show by focusing solely on her and the amount that he actually approached the husband was absolutely and totally inexcusable. Does he even know what the word manipulative means? I don’t think so, because a really good manipulator is great at making things seem a certain way and putting on a straight face when they need to. How else would they be able to continue in their ways and not get called out by the people who know them the best?

Shame on you Dr. Phil for spending 99% of that episode on the one who is truly being abused, putting all your focus on her symptoms and the ways in which she has been made sick one way or another, whether it was her or as she is saying a manipulative husband, you did not explore that second part at all. Shame shame shame shame on you Dr Phil!


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