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Dr. Phil full episode: Social Media Meltdown: Parenting Gone Wild

by Dr Phil Club

Three moms say they were livestreaming, or posting videos, for what they thought was just their private audience of social media friends — but they say their videos have now reached over 100 million views combined. Dr. Phil takes a closer look at the stories behind these viral videos to find out why the women’s buttons were pushed.


First, Karen, a mother of a now 17-year-old, says she went on her daughter’s Snapchat after she found her daughter’s boyfriend hiding in her closet! Then, Cassandra, a young mother of two, says she began livestreaming on Facebook to vent after she was very upset after a conversation with police officers and her children’s school. Dr. Phil will also talk to a mother who posted a controversial video when she decided she had enough with her 2-year-old son’s picky eating habits!

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lolitahaze02 October 2019 -

Karma is digital. Awesome.

purpleunicorn October 2019 -

“I’m just doing what every teenager does.” Sneaks 20 year old boyfriend into her house and hides him in the closet 🤦‍♀️

Kendrick Baldwin October 2019 -

“Normal teen things” Don’t include drugs, drinking and dating a grown man or woman. 😒 What is wrong with you?

Dahlia Angle October 2019 -

I would say this mom is so nice. If my mom finds a man in my closet, she probably will eat me alive!


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