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Dr. Phil full episode: Smart Women, Dumb Choices?

by Dr Phil Club

Ladies: What’s the key to succeeding in life ” beauty or brains? Dr. Phil, along with Lisa Bloom, CBS legal analyst and author of Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, shares words of wisdom for women who embrace superficial values to get ahead.

Obsessed with the Limelight

Tiffany says looking beautiful is her number one priority, and she’ll do anything to become a reality star. She says she underwent gastric bypass surgery, lip injections and Botox ” all in the pursuit of perfection. When Dr. Phil gives her a reality check she didn’t bargain for, can she handle the truth?

Empowering Women to Use Their Smarts
Lisa Bloom conducts interviews to find out how knowledgeable the average woman is about world events. The results might surprise you. Then, learn why former American Idol contestant Jessica Sierra says she’s haunted by her venture into the Hollywood spotlight. She has a strong message for women who say they’ll do anything to get ahead.

Still Spoiled and Entitled?

It’s the return of Josie ” one of Dr. Phil’s most talked about and controversial guests! Has the self-admitted spoiled and entitled girl changed her ways?

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