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Dr. Phil full episode: Scammed By an Imposter Posing as Miranda Lambert

by Dr Phil Club

Shirley wrote to Dr. Phil because her husband, Dean, thought he was in direct contact with the country singer, Miranda Lambert. Even though he later found out he’s been scammed by multiple “Miranda” scammers, he says his love for Miranda Lambert did not stop. In fact, he’s doubled down, and now, he says he and Shirley are just roommates. They both say they need Dr. Phil’s help because they want to find out what’s going on in Dean’s head before he goes too far down the rabbit hole of his “obsession” with the star.

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Bunch Gibbons Montgomery October 2019 -

There’s stupid, and then there’s STUPID. I mean, how the heck do people fall for this kind of thing??

Princess Huddini October 2019 -

Whhhy would miranda lambert need 2000 from someone else??

Emma October 2019 -

Poor wife, married to a complete idiot!

Maureen v October 2019 -

Now he is a stalker. ..

anna clark October 2019 -

Men are so damn stupid sometimes

E Rose October 2019 -

Wow he must be… On the spectrum or something …

Hilary Baird October 2019 -

Omg!!!! Why is she still married to him????

Miss Justice October 2019 -

I got a headache watching this from getting so mad. It’s sad thinking that they’re are ppl out there that goofy and dumb.

Sydney Suttles October 2019 -

I would have got him a real gun.

Liz Albertson October 2019 -

This reminds me of my Aunt’s creepy husband who cheated on her with a “hot 18 year old girl” & sent “her” money…

Megan Cormier October 2019 -

I feel bad for.his wife and daughter , I hope they can get out


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