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Dr. Phil full episode: Psychic Dramas

by Dr Phil Club

Some people are spooked by horror films and others by Ouija boards, but are there really ghosts among us?


Seeing Spirits?

James Van Praagh, a world-renowned medium and co-executive producer of the CBS drama Ghost Whisperer, believes the spirit world is closer than we think.

Ghost Buster?

James goes spirit sleuthing on the Paramount Studios lot with The Insider and Entertainment Tonight correspondent Victoria Recaño. The medium also visits nearby Hollywood Forever Cemetary.

Moving toward The Light

Jennifer Love Hewitt, star of Ghost Whisperer, discusses her role as a medium and the unexplained events she encountered on the set of her show. 

Preteen Phantom?

Diane claims to be haunted by the spirit of a 10-year-old boy, who she says zaps her hands, arms and legs when he’s angry! Dr. Phil arranges a meeting between James and Diane to see if the medium can communicate with the wayward wraith.

Hotline Hoax? Mercedes says she has spent nearly $4,000 a year on psychics. She even consulted with six soothsayers to see if she should appear on Dr. Phil! Mercedes’ son, Glenn, says he doesn’t need a crystal ball to see that his mom is being taken to the cleaners.

Messages from Beyond

James performs readings for members of Dr. Phil’s studio audience. Don’t miss his startling revelations that bring several people to tears.

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