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Dr. Phil full episode: Pedophile Hunters

by Dr Phil Club

There’s a social media phenomenon happening: vigilante “pedophile hunters.” Tony, from New York, says he’s a plumber by day … and a “pedophile hunter” by night! He and two other “hunters,” Jesse and Josh, join Dr. Phil to discuss how they claim they risk their lives each night by using “decoys” to lure suspected pedophiles to a public location where they confront them while livestreaming their “stings”! Are the pedophile hunters modern-day heroes or dangerous vigilantes?


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Rebekah A December 2019 -

Dr phil why are you victim shaming? These men stuck up for children.

Adam n Erica Shingara December 2019 -

Look into these people more on fb

Journeystomake Alkebulan December 2019 -

How are they making law enforcement jobs harder? I’m serious a valid question.

Morse Code December 2019 -

Oh, if people do your job for free youre not gonna get paid. That’s the only reason.

Ken Of Darkness December 2019 -

Police: they have to actually violate a minor.

Ann Zenon December 2019 -

Hansen vs predator: wot

Walker G December 2019 -

He should leave it to the police officers, he is not suitable to do this job. He’s IQ in this video proves this. He’s making a hard job for the police to do their work. Arrest him

Where Is Waldo December 2019 -

Public shaming of pedos? Good. Hopefully they are prisoners in their own home.

Anarky December 2019 -

Well they are trying to get paedophiles in jail public shaming does nothing but cause chaos

Zach Pellettieri December 2019 -

Dr. Phil does the same thing

NitroCorn December 2019 -

Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you for doing this and helping keep our Children safe!

Ericka Hurd December 2019 -

Omg he called his mom 😂😂😂 I’m dead 😂😂😂

Amanda 'mandy' December 2019 -

Which I believe is part of the problem! She certainly knows he has done it before and probably knows he continues to do it!!

AZTenor December 2019 -

Look, as someone who went through some traumatic stuff as a child, I can appreciate what they want to do. But get behind a badge, actually work with law enforcement. These are just a bunch of guys looking to stroke their own ego rather than actually do any real good.

bean dip December 2019 -

Out of over 200 exposures they have only 15 arrests and a ? On convictions; goes to show that law enforcement doesn’t make this a priority!!!

Dion St. Michael December 2019 -

Which only PROVES how unqualified these idiots truly are. There is far more to it than exposure in terms of arresting and convicting someone of a goddamn felony. It’s called a Constitution. You should read it someday. There is a properly accepted process to follow to properly charge and convict someone in a democratic society. Thank God.

Tristan Swain December 2019 -

What happened to his face

B Honey December 2019 -

If the cops don’t like it, they should do their job.

Hilary Baird December 2019 -

The sad thing is that they won’t to do their job, but the judicial system won’t back them up.

xStrawbunniex December 2019 -

That accent, his job as a plummer, he’s Mario

Baby Dimp December 2019 -

👏👏👏👏👏Best comment of the year award goes to xStrawbunniex

Scorched Earth December 2019 -

I wish he lived in my neighbourhood. He’s confronting his own demons, while protecting kids from others. He’s a truly good man.

Unsraw King Pokemon December 2019 -

With the police they need Money and resources where as civilian’s not so much just a phone/pc and go hunting.


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