Home Grief/Loss Dr. Phil full episode: “Our 11-Month-Old Died and I’m Being Blamed”

Dr. Phil full episode: “Our 11-Month-Old Died and I’m Being Blamed”

by Dr Phil Club

Jaclin says she has been living a nightmare since she lost her 11-month-old daughter, Madalin, 10 years ago, when she accidentally suffocated while sleeping in the same bed with Jaclin and her boyfriend, Justin. Jaclin says she has become a “ticking time bomb” and looks for ways to punish herself for what happened to Madalin. Justin, who says he’s been with Jaclin since high school, says they both blame each other for their daughter’s death. Justin says they talk about marriage, but there is no way he can marry Jaclin in the state she is in now. Alicia says she has been friends with both Justin and Jaclin since high school, and their relationship has always been tumultuous. Alicia says Justin and Jaclin are both still in pain and need help.

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The Princess Fairy December 2019 -

I’m crying… So sad…. May that lovely angel R. I. P

Red Fuming Nitric Acid December 2019 -

Dr Phil, mate you’re a champion. Great work as always

teenindustry December 2019 -

That woman’s rage and pain is palpable

Berenice Shepard December 2019 -

That’s so sad. I feel deeply for her and hope she finds peace and happiness soon.

FamilyTies December 2019 -

She was on 60 days in I feel her pain we lost a 2 month old baby who would be 6 now to sids it changes you it’s hard

Vicious Vixen December 2019 -

Sorry for your loss

Tracy Walker December 2019 -

God Bless her and their tiny baby. She’s punishing herself way worse than any court or jury. I can’t even imagine. 😪

E U December 2019 -

True… God bless her poor woman

Monbebe4Life ! December 2019 -

Please don’t blame yourself it is NOT your fault 💔

abby hare December 2019 -

Yes it was. Just bc it didn’t happen on purpose does not mean it wasn’t her that did it…. Co sleeping is something all parents should know not to do.

Fiona Johnson May 2020 -

Disgusting comment. I hope you never experience such a tragic loss & have some random fool makes gross comments about you online. Vile wench.

Sue lynch December 2019 -

She’s not at fault for being a tenant mom

Cufflinkend December 2019 -

I feel so horrible for her.

Lydia K December 2019 -

Oh wow. I actually can’t stop crying. This mother’s pain is palpable.

Jose Rivera December 2019 -

She was on 60 days in right ?

RealizeReal NarcFree December 2019 -

Yeah. She ended up leaving because she was going to get beat up by a big chic name Saw or something like that

Amy Evans December 2019 -

She’s was on 60 days in Fulton County!

anthony cole December 2019 -

Though I feel very sorry for them, you should never sleep with a young baby in your bed it’s too danderous

Allie December 2019 -

I don’t wanna cosleep but my baby cries all night if I don’t 😕

annie ann December 2019 -

They both should not be together


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