Home Parenting Dr. Phil full episode: “No Smart Phone, No Computer, but That Doesn’t Stop My Teen’s Online Romance”

Dr. Phil full episode: “No Smart Phone, No Computer, but That Doesn’t Stop My Teen’s Online Romance”

by Dr Phil Club

Cheryl and her husband, Danny, claim that their 17-year-old daughter, Becky, was addicted to talking to men online in video game chat rooms and that’s where she met and fell in love with a 21-year-old man whom she has never met in person. They say that even though they took away her cell phone, webcam and computer, Becky still has found ways to contact him. Becky’s grandma, Loretta, says that she blames Cheryl and Danny’s bad parenting for Becky’s misbehaving and acting out. Becky says she’s in love and plans to move 3,000 miles away when she turns 18 in a month. She says her parents need to treat her like an adult and let her pursue her own relationship.


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JAY BEE October 2019 -

I like this grandmother.

Samantha White October 2019 -

I love the grandma and of course Phil! Haha.

Debra Papenthien October 2019 -

Go grandma! Old school discipline

Eric Duggan October 2019 -

The grandmother is awesome!!

Janie P October 2019 -

No way that dude is 21. I would guess 40’s.

Brooke Michelle October 2019 -

I said 50

Shrute Farms October 2019 -

Proud of her taking the help and meaning it. Best to her!

Skater FX October 2019 -

sometimes you just have to let these ‘i know everything’ brats go and find out the hard and sadly, sometimes fatal way

Nicole Kitter October 2019 -

Exactly what happened with our foster daughter. I took away all her devices after finding out she wouldn’t leave a boy alone. To the point that his mom had to threaten a restraining order. The next morning I get a call that she had used her friends phone at school to send a stock photo of a positive pregnancy test, claiming it was hers. We terminated guardianship shortly after. She then tried to cover her lie by sending a text from a phone her grandparents bought her. (Pretending to be the boy in an attempt to make it look like he had sent the photo.) Complete nightmare situation. Would have loved nothing more then to help but sometimes walking away is the best thing you can do.

Japan July Rain October 2019 -

Finally real new video!! Thank you.I hope you can find old ones of this year (yet new from legit 2019) I rarely see…

Giselle P October 2019 -


FattySenpai October 2019 -

This fucking girl went to my high school holy shit


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