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Dr. Phil full episode: “My Mooching Mom Has 5 Months to Get a Life”

by Dr Phil Club

Time is of the essence for Cindy. Her daughter, Cheyenne, is a 24-year-old-college student and also her primary caretaker and sole financial supporter. Cheyenne’s boyfriend, Blake, calls Cheyenne Cinderella and wants to propose, but he says he doesn’t want Cindy ruling their future. Cheyenne says she will no longer be able to support her 56-year-old mom in five months when her college loans run out. The clock is ticking for Cheyenne and Cindy to find a way to both stand on their own.


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Susan McCarthy June 2020 -

I missed some episodes earlier this year due to the impeachment hearings. I wrote down the episode numbers so maybe I could watch them later. I see older episodes on your website but I don’t see the episode numbers. I don’t have the episode names.
Any suggestions to find them?
Thank you!

just someone August 2020 -

I agree with susan mccarthy, adding season and episode number (SxxExx) and original air date would be paramount in trying to find episodes and what we haven’t seen (or want to watch again).
I’m sure this is a work in progress since I see the domain was just bought in 2020.

Monique E Baker August 2020 -

I can understand what that lady is going through, we’re the same age


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