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Dr. Phil full episode: “My Mom Calls Us ‘The Beauty and the Brainwasher’”

by Dr Phil Club

Elisha claims her half-sister, Kristina’s, fiancé, Troy, who is 17 years older, is controlling her, “brainwashing” her and alienating her from their family. Elisha and her stepmom, Dawn, say they want Kristina to end her relationship with Troy before she walks down the aisle. Troy denies their claims and says he doesn’t know why there is any drama with Kristina’s family, as he has only met them twice. Kristina says Troy is her rock and wants her family to trust her and her decisions.


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Ellen Fern October 2019 -

Either the family is very wrong about this man or he is a great actor because I don’t see how he is such a bad guy? This mom is just crazy! She is just mad cause she can’t get her own way.

Daniel Draper October 2019 -

I so agree with you. He seems like an okay guy

David Mays October 2019 -

I think mum is way overboard. Let your daughter make her own mistakes. She will figure it out she seems to know her own mind. He is probably far from perfect but by the sounds of it mum has to pick her husband

BigBoo October 2019 -

The only ones alienating her are her family. Her sister is the one who uninvited her from the wedding.

Alisha W October 2019 -

I can’t watch the crazy mum anymore. I’ll guess its her that’s nuts before the dude comes on lol

Kara Creswell October 2019 -

When I have a break in at my home, I ALWAYS think ‘who have I argued with in my family lately…my mom…she broke into my house!’ Come on. Ridiculous conclusion to come to.


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