Home Marriage Dr. Phil full episode: “My Husband’s Double Life Exposed: Should I End My Marriage?”

Dr. Phil full episode: “My Husband’s Double Life Exposed: Should I End My Marriage?”

by Dr Phil Club

Nicole says she thought she knew her husband of nearly 20 years, Carter, but all that changed when Nicole uncovered a secret her husband has been hiding for years. Nicole says 12 days ago, she discovered that Carter has been having a nearly four-year sexual affair with a man. Even though Carter insists he has told Nicole everything, she is adamant that she believes there is more her husband is hiding. Find out the shocking results a private investigator revealed to Dr. Phil about the man Carter has been having an affair with.

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Berenice Martinez November 2019 -

This guy is gay and needs to admit it… and coach mike is hot!!!

Rosanna Salinas November 2019 -

I bet thats exactly what he was thinking 😉🤷😅

Celine Acar November 2019 -

He should leave that woman alone. She deserves better.

Kekeland November 2019 -

This is one my worst nightmare marrying a closet gay or transsexual.

Nadia November 2019 -

Just look at his hair

Naomi yesitsme November 2019 -

Hahaha I looked straight at him and thought ,yep he’s gay

Danny Tanner November 2019 -

Sometimes you gotta cut your losses, girl 😎🚬

Anastasia Zoldak November 2019 -

Life is too short to be this unhappy.

Karla Mena November 2019 -

Oh my god it’s easy get a divorce!

Teddy Jam November 2019 -

He’s doesn’t even have sense enough to be embarrassed by his actions.

Mae Sams November 2019 -

Lady leave this guy!

ssusgirl x November 2019 -

she from Minnesota or que cos that accent thicccccccccccc

Ashley T November 2019 -

He acts like not knowing the guys name makes it better lmao

justmeok November 2019 -

this guy reminds me of Coltee from 90 days fiance, a weird liar

Tracie November 2019 -

Please get divorce. I think it’s better for both. I think he’s confused with his sexuality

Miss Cindy November 2019 -

D.I.V.O.R.C.E. its just not a Tammy Wynette song , Dont waste your time on this lying perv


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