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Dr. Phil full episode: “My Fiancée vs. My Mom”

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Christian says he is stuck between two women fighting over him: his fiancée, Beth, and his mom, Carol. Beth says her future mother-in-law is meddling, constantly berates her and is trying to destroy her relationship — and if she doesn’t butt out, Beth says she’ll be forced to end her relationship with Christian.


Carol admits she doesn’t trust Beth and even hired a private investigator to spy on her. Christian, who says he once had a great relationship with his mother, says he and Beth have canceled their wedding twice, in part due to his mother’s behavior. Is he prepared to choose between the two women in his life? And, will Carol ever accept Beth?

Fighting over the Same Man

“Christian and I are going to get married, but my fiancé’s mother hates me with a passion. She is definitely trying to destroy my relationship and ruin my wedding,” says Beth of her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Carol. “My fiancé’s mother has never said anything nice. It’s always been malicious, underhanded, conniving, mean — every chance Carol gets, she berates me,” she continues. “Christian’s mother said she didn’t know why Christian would ever be with me, since I was so ugly.”

“My mom has never liked Beth, even since the beginning of our relationship,” says Christian, an only child who lived with his mom until he was 30. “My mom has criticized my fiancée’s looks, education, cooking — anything you can think of.”

Carol shares, “Beth smokes, cusses very loud and doesn’t respect me at all.” She says when she learned that Beth has been married four times, she became concerned. “I think that’s a red flag, right there. If her marriages haven’t worked four times, why would Christian think that it would work? He’s the fifth husband.”

Beth and Christian say that Carol stops by their house unannounced, and Christian has threatened to call the police on his mother. “We were going to have this huge wedding at the house and decided against it,” Beth shares. “I am definitely not going to risk having her cause a scene at my wedding, so therefore, there’s no wedding. Thanks, Carol.”


Dr. Phil offers Beth, and this troubled family, advice.

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