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Dr. Phil full episode: Mail Order Brides

by Dr Phil Club

Beautiful women and lonely men ” Dr. Phil’s guests reveal the good, the bad and the downright ugly world of mail order brides. 


Mrs. Right?

Following two failed marriages and a growing list of outrageous complaints about American women, David traveled 6,000 miles to find Mrs. Right. Meg, his Romanian wife of two years, says that while she was initially drawn to his friendliness, it eventually gave way to bossiness, leaving her feeling like a slave. You don’t want to miss Dr. Phil’s frank exchange with this husband!

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Bill and Wayne say they swear by the mail order bride business, despite the fact that a previous marriage left Wayne in financial ruins, and Bill kidnapped, tied up, held at gunpoint, mugged and almost killed. Hear their shocking stories and find out why they are still unwavering in their faithfulness to it. Plus, Wayne is engaged to a much younger blonde international beauty. Could this be the real thing?

Love Gone Sour

Luda says she became a mail order bride to find love, but instead, she found a husband who took total advantage of her. As she fights to put her life back together, she must also establish herself in a country foreign to her. And, hear from Wayne’s close friend who fears for his buddy’s future.  

A Foreign Affair

John and Tanya say that overseas love gave them their happily ever after. The two now operate a successful mail order bride business and say they see hundreds of love stories. But, they also acknowledge that Wayne, as a client of theirs, was taken by his first wife, and has words of warning they say Wayne ignored.  

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