Home Family Dr. Phil full episode: “M.I.A., Drunk and in Denial: Worst Grandmother of the Year?”

Dr. Phil full episode: “M.I.A., Drunk and in Denial: Worst Grandmother of the Year?”

by Dr Phil Club

Nikki and Paige claim their mother, Leigh, is an alcoholic who has “gone missing” at least 40 times, abandoned them as teens in a foreclosed home without electricity or running water, and is drunk around her grandchildren.


But Leigh says she’s a “functioning drinker” and can turn off her drinking whenever she wants. Leigh is a bartender, and her daughters say if she’s not working, she’s there drinking. Nikki says she shouldn’t have to bring her children into a bar just to see their grandmother. Will Leigh listen to her daughters and take Dr. Phil’s help?

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Carol B. Cole November 2019 -

1. There are no family dynamics that need to be repaired here. BUT…..
2. My granddaughter ( 25 ) has been in and out of mental hospitals, is always suicidal, has been raped, has children out of wedlock, is so depressed she goes for weeks without bathing, has been taken to every doctor known to man for help, literally cries asking why God doesn’t heal her, has Narcolepsy, has bi-polar, is extremely overweight, NEEDS to be in a long-term facility with someone who can DIAGNOSE her…….BUT, we are very doubtful she will leave her year old child long-term. She literally clings to this child, having given up the first one to my daughter in adoption, wants sooooo badly to WORK and make her own way in the world, has NASH, but mainly I am trying to give you info about her mental stability, has anxiety attacks. I.E., this girl is “ for real “…….NOT seeking attention.
3. Now, my question to you is…………you are so connected to the best places for HELP. BUT, do ANY of these places accept Medicaid because I think this is all she has ?
She can’t even drive.
A place for “ 5 days “ just won’t do the trick. Been there , done that , numerous times.
We live in the Atlanta area.
We ARE NOT seeking to make a television appearance !!! What I am asking is simply your advise since all she has is Medicaid, and a child she clings to and won’t leave. I realize I am asking the impossible, but, at least I AM asking. This all started after the first rape when she was 8 years old. She also has gone through shock treatments.
Thanks to all of the staff reading this. I appreciate any advise you can give.
Carol Cole
Atlanta, Georgia


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