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Dr. Phil full episode: In Love or In Denial?

by Dr Phil Club

Fran says she’s in love with a man named “Craig,” who she met online, and hopes to prove everyone wrong that not only is their love real but that he is real too. Fran says that despite multiple failed attempts to meet “Craig” in person, she is still optimistic about meeting him face-to-face. But Fran’s siblings, Herman and Fay, both say “Craig” is bad news and not real. They say there’s no way Fran can fall in love with someone she has never met and fear that “Craig” is only in this “relationship” for the money. Fran admits she has sent “Craig” over $30,000 but says he has promised her to pay back every penny — and more — once he receives his inheritance! Will Dr. Phil be able to bring together Fran and “Craig” at last? Or, will Fran be faced with the hard truth that “Craig” may not be who he says?

Dr. Phil full episode Season 20 Episode 3 S20E03

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