Home Health Dr. Phil full episode: “I’m Leaving My Husband Next Week if He Doesn’t Get Help with His OCD!”

Dr. Phil full episode: “I’m Leaving My Husband Next Week if He Doesn’t Get Help with His OCD!”

by Dr Phil Club

Robin wrote in to the show desperate for help for her husband, Mike. She says it’s urgent because she is ready to leave her husband if he won’t get help with his severe OCD. Robin says she’s set a deadline, and if he doesn’t get help, she’s out of his life and he may be out on the streets. Mike says his OCD has taken over his life and he’s a prisoner in his own head. He says he spends his life living in torment, but he’s willing to do anything to keep Robin in his life.


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mst3kanita December 2019 -

I can’t imagine the pain he fees in his feet from over cutting his nails.

Just a Viewer December 2019 -

He’s talking about his toenails and they show her toenails lmao 😂

Sarah Dixon December 2019 -

It hurts my heart that he’s embarrassed/ashamed of himself.

simar Singh December 2019 -

Love it when u say it’s none of your business what others people think

Tiberius Sugarplum December 2019 -

I think the same way about my mental illnesses.

Teddy Jam December 2019 -

That’s got to be tough. I feel sorry for him.

Casual Gamer December 2019 -

I actually have OCD and this is crazy accurate.

Brianne P December 2019 -

He needs to get on prozac.

BLOODY Bay December 2019 -

This man loves LSD

Austin Richards December 2019 -

Finally something that actually needs to be brought to close attention

kierow ordiales December 2019 -

Medical cannabis works so well for ocd.

ZootedZ December 2019 -

I second that! yesss it does!

ice484 December 2019 -

I’ve just realised how my wife feels 30 years to late i finally dragged myself to the doctors .

Rita July 2020 -

Just saw the episode and I notice it’s from December 2019 and I’m curious how he turned out after treatment?


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