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Dr. Phil full episode: Husbands Ask Dr. Phil

by Dr Phil Club

The tables are turned! Dr. Phil fields questions from husbands who want to fix their wives.


Too Dangerous for a Dad?

Shane is overjoyed to be paid to live out his childhood dream of being a stunt performer. But his wife, Marlo, says it’s too risky now that he has a family depending on him.

Wandering Eyes

Jeremy says he may be married, but he’s not dead, and if an attractive woman walks by, it’s human nature to look. His wife, Kelly, says he should only have eyes for her. She doesn’t even allow him to watch movies that are not G-rated.

Pathogen Paranoia

Todd says his wife, Kim, drives their family crazy because of her fear of germs. She throws away dirty clothes, follows everyone around with wet wipes, and even wipes down strangers’ kids if they get too close!

Rebuilding the Trust

Torrean recently confessed to his wife, Richelle, that he cheated on her. He says he wants to put 100 percent into making his marriage work, but Richelle says every time he apologizes, it sounds like he’s only sorry that he got caught.

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