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Dr. Phil full episode: How to Fix a Broken Family

by Dr Phil Club

You’ve heard people complain, “If I only knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t be in this mess,” but what about those times when you choose not to see the writing on the wall? Dr. Phil meets couples who say their relationships went from bad to worse after they said, “I do,” and now their families are broken.

Will Marriage Change a Man?

Before they got married, Melody says her husband, Scott, would tell her, “I’m not in love with you,” “I wish you would leave,” and “I wouldn’t marry you for a million dollars.” But she walked down the aisle with him anyway. Scott says Melody pushed him into fatherhood and marriage, and there are times he doesn’t love his wife.

Substandard Spouses?

Dr. Phil confronts Scott about his behavior and drills down to find out why Melody allows herself to be treated poorly. Plus, take the five-question quiz that could reveal whether you’re ready to divorce.

Bitter, Battling Exes

Meet Shawn, a man still in love with his ex-wife, Sheree. He won’t accept their divorce and says she ruined their lives. Though they’ve been apart for five years, Sheree says Shawn still finds ways to threaten and harass her. 

Caught in the Middle of Chaos

Shawn says Sheree betrayed him when he was dying of cancer, and now she’s alienating him from his kids. Sheree says Shawn is playing the cancer card for sympathy. And hear from Shawn’s caregiver, Mary, and Shawn and Sheree’s two sons.

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