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Dr. Phil full episode: Holly’s Fiancés Face Off

by Dr Phil Club

Holly says she’s in love and engaged to two men. But she has never met either one of these men in person, because fiancé number one, Keoma, is from Brazil and living in London, and fiancé number two, Gunes, is Turkish and lives in Ankara. Monday, viewers met Keoma, and Holly’s mother, Linda, said she was not a fan. Now, meet Gunes and find out if Linda is willing to give him her blessing. Then the two men meet for the first time. And, Holly reveals a secret she’s been keeping from both of her fiancés. Will Dr. Phil be OK with Holly marrying one of these men? Or, does he think they just want to use her to get to America?


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Mieka Ash November 2019 -

Dr.Phil is so over this woman lol

Unique Nation November 2019 -

Praying for her. Ending an addiction is not easy what so ever. I hope she gets her life back.

ellen border November 2019 -

Oh gosh, that coach is cute!!! 😍

Erica Marie Moreno November 2019 -

That’s one 28 year old looking a 40 year old

Squirrel Fish November 2019 -

O.O i said the same thing lol

Nadia November 2019 -

This girl is a bunch of mess

Msznewyawwk RN November 2019 -

After this airing she’s blacklisted in every state.

Strange Tamer November 2019 -

Would be a good thing but at the same time it’s really gonna suck when she’s in legitimate pain and can’t get any help.

alansjf33 November 2019 -

She is going to be dead if she doesn’t get help soon. Get help !

VSCO Chao November 2019 -

She can’t go on like this.

H Moreno November 2019 -

Isn’t this the same two females from the show on Dr Phil inregards to her having two boyfriend’s needing green cards

Leslea Freeman November 2019 -

Welcome to being a drug addict!!! Do yourself a favour and grow up, go to rehab or treatment like the rest of us.

Hannah Mabry November 2019 -

I think she thinks this is cute…it’s not

tellurye November 2019 -

Im glad you women think this is funny – a woman manipulating two men. If a man did this to two women, you would be outraged. . Double standard much?

Vitamin Sea November 2019 -

This is like the sophisticated Maury show 😂

Mariama November 2019 -

Foreigners gravely overestimate that average American quality of life, let alone that of American immigrants. Unless you’re in refugee causing situations work to build yourself up where you are

Laine November 2019 -

Drugs are bad, mkay.

Aurora Nemesis November 2019 -


Salma Gheni November 2019 -

My two favorite shows mixed into one

Nicole Clark November 2019 -

The Turkish guy seems like a sweetie

Sharon Cinna November 2019 -

He’s learned several buzz words for romance.

K.A. GORDON November 2019 -

Turkish men do not act like american men. He may love her but dates others. This is common there.

Brit Giv November 2019 -

This chick needs to grow up find a man here un the states and stop wasting other men’s time and hope


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