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Dr. Phil full episode: Gen Z: Desperate to Go Viral

by Dr Phil Club

Dr. Phil talks to Gen Zers who all have one thing in common: They want to have more social media followers and become “relevant.” Twenty-year-old Telly Zelly says since recently dropping out of college, she is completely devoted to her new career as an aspiring rapper. Telly’s mother, Yowanly, and her aunt, Olga, say Telly’s new attitude does not reflect how she was raised. Telly boasts that when she posted a video of her getting a controversial tattoo on her face, she reached over 5 million views on Twitter alone. Her family wants to know what this outrageous behavior has to do with making music.


Later, Dr. Phil meets with 20-year-old Larz and 19-year-old Bameron, who say they go to great lengths to create viral video content. Recently, there was a rash of teens caught stealing ice cream and eating it in stores. Larz and Bameron decided to pull a similar stunt, but they claim they made a video that was “better.” Within six hours after their video was posted, it received 1.3 million views. Dr. Phil encourages these Gen Zers to reach for their goals, but to also think about their future in a “big picture” way.

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deneilbaker October 2019 -

The second story was so phony man wtf Dr Phil

Justin Maple October 2019 -

That mom knows that she is ok with this. Why else would you continue to provide her with a home and money if you don’t support her decisions.

Shrute Farms October 2019 -

Thanks for the quick upload.

Ivy X October 2019 -

The girl with the glasses needs to shut Tf up

Christine Laver October 2019 -

Another airhead going nowhere. Go back to school and contribute to society although with that tattoo on your forehead good luck with that.

Vhugala Tshitimbi October 2019 -

Why her neck look like that when she talks🤣🤣🤣

July Rain October 2019 -

Her face changed after she got her tattoo. I wonder if she realises that . Or even noticed

Renae Adams October 2019 -

Thanks for the upload. Another episode to to drive home how the world is going crazy!!

xobrenden October 2019 -

Get her on No jumper 🤣

JAY GEEBEE October 2019 -

Telly Belly’s fake hood way of speaking makes her sound as if she has a major speech impediment. Oh, and Mom, she’s not ugly, but she is no beauty.

krystyle October 2019 -

100% unrelatable people.


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