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Dr. Phil full episode: Fugitive Mom

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Marie, a divorced mother of four, says that she has been living on the run for the past two months — facing up to 45 years in prison for attempted murder — after breaking into her ex-husband, Carson’s, home and attempting to attack him with a hammer. What does she say caused her to carry out the violent act? And, is she ready to turn herself in? Plus, hear from Carson. How does he describe Marie’s actions?


“I Wanted to Kill Him”

For the past two months, Marie, a divorced mother of four, has been living on the run — wanted for attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief, after breaking into her ex-husband, Carson’s, home one year ago and attempting to hit him with a hammer. “When my husband and I divorced, it was a very hostile co-parenting relationship with my daughter,” she says. “My daughter made me very concerned that she could have been sexually abused by her father. I fought for her for five years, and nobody listened; and I couldn’t afford to go to trial.” 

When asked why no one has substantiated any of her claims against her ex-husband, Marie responds, “I don’t know. I wasn’t really sure why.” She continues, “After our divorce, when my daughter was about 3 years old, she came home to me and was telling me that her father molested her. I notified her counselor, and they notified child services, they notified the police, and they got her from him that evening and brought her right back to me.” She continues, “They did some investigation and found no trauma to the area.” 

When asked about the hammer incident, Marie admits she “snapped,” saying, “I was crazy at that point. I had been driven to [do it].” 

“You know that what you did was wrong, right?” Dr. Phil asks. 

“Absolutely,” she responds. When asked why she wanted to kill Carson that night, she says, “I felt, if I had killed him that would’ve been protecting her from being molested any longer.” She admits her behavior that night was irrational.

“In all the allegations that you’ve made, there have been medical examinations, and there was nothing found, either acute or chronic,” Dr. Phil tells Marie, adding that Carson was awarded full custody of their now 9-year-old daughter. “Would you think that, somewhere in all of this, there would be some objective finding somewhere?” 

Marie claims that DYFS gave custody to Carson and closed the case. “They said, ‘OK, you’re delusional, sorry,’” she alleges. “If I was a drug addict or an alcoholic, they would’ve, you know, put me through rehab. Now, in my youngest child, I’m showing all these signs of being an unstable parent that I didn’t show with my older children, who are all raised and out of the home.” 

“You’ve demonstrated poor judgment and irrational behavior; those are not traits and characteristics that you look for in a parent,” Dr. Phil tells her, and she agrees.

Will She Surrender?

Regarding life as a fugitive, Marie says, “I don’t live scared … I worked as a police officer for a while. I dated someone who was a private investigator years ago. I have somewhat knowledge and a little bit of street smarts, and it’s not really difficult.” 

Marie’s brother, Phil, says his sister’s legal problems have negatively affected their family, and he wants her to turn herself in. “We have detectives showing up at our door,” he says. “We’re scared to have her come over. We’re scared to get in touch with her, over the fear that we’re going to have the SWAT team show up behind her and carry her away; and they might even carry us away with her, because we might be aiding and abetting her.” He says that the family is on the line for more than $60,000 and could lose their homes if Marie gets caught, because the bond money they posted will be forfeited. “She feels cornered, as a mother, to be able to protect her daughter,” he says. “I’m really disappointed that it has come to this.” 

“I know I’m hurting my family, and I promised them, when my grandson was born that when he came home from the hospital and he was home healthy, that I was going to turn myself in,” Marie says.

Polygraph Test

Carson initially agreed to take a polygraph test but later declined, on the advice of his attorney, since has already been cleared of any wrongdoing.

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