Home Life Strategies Dr. Phil full episode: From Businessman to Broke: “Our Dad is Now a Lying Mooch”

Dr. Phil full episode: From Businessman to Broke: “Our Dad is Now a Lying Mooch”

by Dr Phil Club

Bob seemed to personify the American dream. He worked his way up the corporate ladder for 25 years at the same company. He and his wife, JoAnn, rented a beach house, took their daughters on posh vacations, belonged to a country club and were the owners of a 3,500 square foot dream home in a beautiful suburb. But, Bob says all that came crashing down when he lost his job in 2009 and had to start asking family and friends for money. His daughters, Sarah, Kate, and Emily say their father’s lies and deceptions started long before his job loss. They say he’s claimed to be a pilot, an attorney, and even said he had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Bob says he’s done lying — but is he really ready to get real?


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Lt. Orange September 2020 -

He looks dead inside

Nancy Jones September 2020 -

That was an awesome speech by Dr Phil!

Mel Tax September 2020 -

I feel for this guy 💛

Dev The Canadian September 2020 -

If he was in Canada at his age he would have the government pension.

Ashley Rose September 2020 -

Send him to the ranch, Phil

MsHellraser September 2020 -

Liars bring a rage to me!!

Spoiled Nut September 2020 -

He is a really bad person, hope he doesnt get another person.

J P September 2020 -

He still a pathological liar you can tell my looking at him im kinda gifted at reading ppl faces im also pretty good at poker 😉

Chantel Wade September 2020 -

He is a Narcissist

Bret Harley September 2020 -

The guy is a compulsive liar, clearly he needs help. That’s why he’s there.

Kyle September 2020 -

Liar liar pants on fire 🤣🤣🤣🤣

St Girl September 2020 -

Sad he only cares about the house

Ariah Crews September 2020 -

No one:
Him: House, House, House

ei kukaan September 2020 -

Can you blame him when he’s homeless living with his ex-wife?

Marquee Mark September 2020 -

Don’t take pills! WATCH DR PHIL!

Ellen Fern September 2020 -

Is this the new season or when does that start

akyarling September 2020 -

I dont know what to say, i hope the family can be together

Gabrielle Regina September 2020 -

Seems like a great family


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