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Dr. Phil full episode: Former Anchorwoman and Beauty Queen Wife: Is She Addicted?

by Dr Phil Club

Steve says his wife, Tamara, went from being a beauty queen competing in the Miss America Pageant and having a career as a local anchorwoman, to dancing in a tutu in the middle of the night. Steve believes his wife’s behavior is a direct result of her dangerously abusing Adderall. Tamara insists she loves Adderall and all the “magical” things it is doing for her life, including allowing her to “give birth to a midlife awakening” and fulfill her fairytale fantasies. Tamara says Steve’s got another thing coming if he thinks shipping her off to rehab will fix her and their marriage. Will she listen to Dr. Phil?


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CorreaPlayz November 2019 -

Her husband seems like a good man. She is lucky

Scaredy Cats November 2019 -

This poor guy… That’s so sad.

Sofia Sunny November 2019 -

I really hope she would find a form of stability and inner peace. 🙏

Mei Yuan November 2019 -

The wife is lucky to have husband like that

Kara Thompson November 2019 -

I’ve been on adderall for 1 yr. I’m now prescribe 60mg daily . I take all in one dose . I have no trouble falling asleep, I don’t get energized like others experience. It allows me to focus , engaged in conversation and listen . Then it wears off and I get sleepy . I think I just have a high tolerance for medication , and I have never tried any drug . Side effects I get is dry mouth , suppress appetite, increase heartbeat. Since the medication only helps me focus for a short time I’m going to tell my doctor to just take me off .

Broto Williams November 2019 -

this lady is a great example of someone who doesn’t need adderall.

Carlon Ashley November 2019 -

Maybe that’s why she is getting adderal- she went in the doctors office acting like THAT! She act like she NEEDS to be on something

Linda Williams November 2019 -

I take adderal for my adhd and it numbs our my personality

Lee Eneas November 2019 -

I connect with this woman on another level.. you know, making food and stuff.

Ryan Deans November 2019 -

Dated a chick who downed adderral like this. She was all over the place….never knew what she was doing or thinking

Jay Jones November 2019 -

The dr who gives her 90mg should be fired he’s killing her

KiraCura November 2019 -

i have add and stimulants literally have the opposite effect and is meant to slow us down so that we can concentrate.her drs irresponsible

anabelleb November 2019 -

ty yes same I have ADHD and take Focalin and how she is acting is exactly how I am when I forget to take my Focalin so it’s for people with ADHD if u don’t it will mess you up

Womens Whork November 2019 -

She looks bad but also the editing is awful. But this is a good example of meth addiction facilitated not by drug dealers but by doctors

White Lean November 2019 -

Adderall has screwed up everyone I know who has taken it. It shouldn’t even be legal to prescribe in my opinion.

Susan Huber November 2019 -

She seems very manic. I hope she gets help.

Bri S November 2019 -

That’s what happens when you take it

Taylor Hope November 2019 -

She reminds me of myself when I’m manic.

brenna moore November 2019 -

Yup. Adderall triggers my mania

Jesus Christ November 2019 -

my boy takes more than this hoe he got prescribed 90mg 2x a day lmao

Jasmin Royal November 2019 -

She’s so lucky to have such a great and caring husband.

Sharon Ware November 2019 -

She doesn’t just scare herself, she scares me too…

Kayla November 2019 -

Poor woman!😔

Jessica Shannon November 2019 -

I see an emotional imbalance not just adderal i see a horder


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