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Dr. Phil full episode: “Dr. Phil, Only You Can Answer My Question”

by Dr Phil Club

Dr. Phil gives advice to guests navigating their careers and lives while dealing with roadblocks. First, meet 26-year-old identical twins, Allie and Lexi Kaplan, who say managing their social media as well as their growing careers as artists is a full-time job. They want to know how they can stop fighting with each other and their manager mom, Amy, as well as how to balance work and fun. Then, meet Mindy. She says while she loves working on her YouTube channel, Mindy Minx, which primarily focuses on giving beauty tips, she doesn’t know how to combat haters who bully her for being married to her husband, Larry, who is 30 years older! Finally, Dr. Phil meets Hattie, an 83-year-old who dates men half her age and says she is working to reverse the public’s negative stereotype of the term “cougar.”


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Claudia October 2019 -

“Most men my age are not around anymore” haha. She’s so witty

Gayle the Bitxh October 2019 -

Thanks for the full episode upload. I love Hattie. She seems to be open without pushy

jus wuzz October 2019 -

Hattie seems like a lot of fun for an 80 yr old!

Jennifer Figueroa October 2019 -

Grandma isn’t dead yet, let her get some d***.

Viking Dogmanship October 2019 -

Female version of hugh hefner😄

valerie rodriguez October 2019 -

They are cute lol

Kelsey Horton October 2019 -

As a twin, I could never work with my sister.

Menschenleer L'amour October 2019 -

why do twins think it’s cute to talk at the same time on purpose?

Dominick Ramirez October 2019 -

I know!! Tape one’s mouth and let the other talk since they “say the same things.”

Neatz Davis October 2019 -

I love Hattie, shes a freaking star.

shook lizard October 2019 -

This is gonna be how today’s generation gonna be when they are her age lol

Skeebo Mcjeebo October 2019 -

Why is she actually amazing? I love her

Yogi Tarot October 2019 -

Nothing screams beauty like confidence in yourself. This woman is gorgeous!

mimikyu lover October 2019 -

When an 83 year old has a better love life than me

Khamari Booker October 2019 -

meeting random people and sexing them within 2 hours when you’ve just met them isn’t love

sabrina lorraine October 2019 -

She’s good, active and have a good life

Britta Olson October 2019 -

She is super cute. At least Dr. Phil is demonstrating some respect for his elders.

Ran Lunar October 2019 -

If shes like this at this age …i can only imagine her back in her 20s must’ve had a lot of fun


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