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Dr. Phil full episode: ‘Dr. Phil’ Celebrates 3000th Show!

by Dr Phil Club

From outrageous catfish scams and deadly addictions to defiant teens and families in crisis, Dr. Phil promised from the beginning to use his platform, the Dr. Phil daytime television program, to shine a bright light on silent epidemics.


“We were going to talk about things that matter to people who care,” he says of the broadcast’s start in 2002.

Continuing, Dr. Phil says, “The stories now are as powerful as they’ve ever been.”

Now in season 18, Dr. Phil, America’s most-watched daytime talk show, recently celebrated the taping of its 3,000th episode. Watch the video above for a look back at just a few of the nearly 20,000 guests whose lives have been impacted by Dr. Phil.

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Rick Boles January 2020 -

I’m having a real hard time getting a episode from 2015, about Kate and Kathy and the catfish scamming the stepmom. I’ve tried lots of different ways, but nothing seems to work. I’m hoping maybe you can send me a link. Thanks.

Dr Phil Club January 2020 -

Yes, I remember that episode, will find and send it to you, Rick!


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