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Dr. Phil full episode: Dangerous Daughters

by Dr Phil Club

Dr. Phil’s guests say their daughters were the apple of their eyes, but they’ve taken a dangerous turn and gone from cute to criminal.

Hustling for Her Next High
Former beauty queen, Krista, was on top of the world a few years ago, until she took off her tiara and starting walking the streets to earn money for crack. She claims she desperately wants help. Her mother, Janet, says after Krista’s four trips to rehab, the family is losing hope. 

Vicious Attack
Beverly and Gil’s 26-year-old daughter, Barbara, brutally beat Gil with a hammer while he slept. They say she snapped, and they never saw it coming. She is now serving five years in prison. 

Family in Denial?
Beverly and Gil say Barbara showed no signs of violence leading up to the attack. Were there warnings they ignored? Plus, Barbara’s brother and sister share why they also believe Corrina is to blame for the attack on their father.

Backstage after the Show
See what happens when Krista and her mom, Janet, leave the stage. Will she head to La Hacienda, or will she return to the streets in search of drugs?

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