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Dr. Phil full episode: Caught Between Two Brittanys

by Dr Phil Club

Brittany and Jeramie met in high school and have been in an on-and-off relationship for 18 years, which has led to a tumultuous co-parenting relationship. Jeramie also has an off-and-on relationship with an old classmate named Brittney who is currently living in his home. Brittany says she resents Brittney for “playing mom,” to her kids while Jeramie says his girlfriend provides a stable home life that his ex-wife never could.  

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Fatma Zahra October 2019 -

B1 and B2 need to cut B3 iff, he is toxic.

Shavon Young October 2019 -

So, these people are from Mississippi? Didn’t I hear him say she drove all the way from Hattiesburg?

finn harris October 2019 -

damn july 12th is my birthday. kinda nasty

Brit Giv October 2019 -

Ladies is he the only man on earth???

Agatha Ngenzirabona October 2019 -

B1 & B2 need to leave B4 it’s too late … so he can focus and B1 with himself


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