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Dr. Phil full episode: Big Burden

by Dr Phil Club

Two women held captive by their excessive weight come to Dr. Phil as their last resort. 


Ballooning Weight

DeeDee is a mother and wife who weighs over 700 pounds and has become a prisoner in her own home. It took five men, a van equipped with a special lift, a motorized wheelchair, two canes and many oxygen tanks to get her to the show.

Resentful Children

By constantly asking for food and help, DeeDee is a burden to family and friends. Her son, Sean, says he feels hostage to his mom’s demands, and her daughter, Jaime, admits she avoids her mom at all costs.

Teenaged and Too Big?

MaLynn weighs 419 pounds and is only 14. She faces teasing at school because of her size, and is too embarrassed to participate in activities. Her mother, Shari, admits the word no is not in her vocabulary when it comes to food for MaLynn.

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