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Dr. Phil full episode: Beauty and the Boxer

by Dr Phil Club

Brian “The Bull” Barbosa was once a two-time Interim World Middleweight champion, but now, his fiancée, Gina, claims Brian has become a shell of his former self. Gina claims Brian has not only been homeless for the past 10 years and spent time in prison for a violent crime, but she also claims he is struggling with substance abuse, a traumatic brain injury from boxing, as well as serious mental illness. Gina says she worries if she were to leave Brian, that he would become a threat to society because she is the one person trying to help him. Brian says he does not have an issue with drugs or alcohol, but admits there is something seriously wrong with his brain. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil reveals the results of a state-of-the-art brain scan Dr. Phil set up for Brian to take. Will the results be too much for Brian to handle?

Dr. Phil full episode Season 20 Episode 7 S20E07

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