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Dr. Phil full episode: An Obsessed Love Triangle

by Dr Phil Club

Sandie says she desperately hopes to win back her ex-husband, Chris, so they can be a family again with their adopted 11-year-old daughter, but his ex-girlfriend, Aileen, will stop at nothing to keep them apart.


Aileen admits to intentionally causing trouble but says Sandie deserves it, because she destroyed her relationship with Chris — and she also wants him back. Chris says he’s tired of being caught in the middle of his exes and isn’t interested in a relationship with either one, other than co-parenting with Sandie — but is he sending mixed messages? Can this trio reach a truce and learn to respect boundaries? 

Battle over the Same Man

“Chris and I were married about three years when our relationship started falling apart,” says Sandie. 

Chris and Sandie divorced and a few months later, Sandie and their daughter moved out of the house. Chris says he placed an ad for a roommate, and Aileen responded.  “After about a month, Aileen and I became romantically involved,” Chris says. 

“Sandie did not like the fact that Chris and I were dating,” Aileen claims. “After seven years of divorce, Sandie wanted her old husband back. Before I knew it, Christopher was trying to kick me out of the house.”

Sandie admits, “I want to be with Chris, and I want Chris back in my life.”

“I think Sandie is a crazy, crazy bitch for breaking up our relationship,” Aileen says. “I want Chris back. Chris is the love of my life.”

Aileen says that Chris gave her a diamond ring for Christmas, and the two were engaged. She also claims that she and Chris picked out a wedding dress, and he picked out his wedding tie. 

But Chris says he and Aileen were never engaged. “Aileen and I had once talked about what a nice wedding would be, but we had never actually planned one for ourselves,” he says. 

“Chris gave her a ring for her 50th birthday, because he felt like nobody else would get her anything,” Sandie says. “I hate to break it to Aileen – Chris does not love her, and he’s not in love with her.”

Aileen disagrees. “Chris loves me,” she says. “Sandie really needs to know she’s not going to get away with this, and I’m not going to just disappear out of Chris’ life.”

Sandie says Aileen will do anything to keep her away from Chris — including stalking and harassing her, calling CPS and making false reports of abuse and neglect and even creating a fake profile on Facebook to talk trash about her — driving Sandie and Chris to file nine peace orders against Aileen. Chris was awarded a peace order, but Sandie says it only protects him, not Sandie and their daughter. 

“Aileen is crazy,” Sandie says. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t try and kill us!”

“Sandie is delusional,” Aileen says.

Dr. Phil asks Aileen if she has harassed Sandie, and she says she hasn’t — but Dr. Phil isn’t buying it.

“This is all because you love the same guy?” Dr. Phil asks the women.

Sandie says she loves Chris, but they are not in love with each other. “It’s not about me and Chris anymore,” she says. “It’s about our daughter.” 

Aileen says she, too, wants to be with Chris. “I’ve been with him for six-and-a-half years,” she says. 

Dr. Phil asks Aileen about the ring Chris gave to her and the alleged proposal. “Did he say that that was an engagement ring?”

“No, he did not,” Aileen replies.

“When did he ask you to marry him?” Dr. Phil presses.

“In 2008 or 2009, and then we split up,” she says, explaining that one day, Chris just told her that they weren’t going to get married. “There was never a formal proposal, but it was just an understanding that we were going to get married.” 

Harassment on Facebook?

Aileen admits that she created an alter-ego on Facebook to keep tabs on Sandie. “I used a fake name of somebody that she went to high school with,” Aileen says.

Man in the Middle

Chris shares his thoughts about the two women fighting over him. “I don’t really consider us a romantic couple,” he says of Sandie. “If we didn’t share a daughter together, I don’t think that Sandie and I would have a relationship.”

As for Aileen, Chris says, “Aileen can’t understand that I don’t love her anymore.” He continues, “At this point, I need for Aileen to move on and out of my life. The most important thing to me is to be a good parent and to focus on what’s in the best interest of my family.”

Chris joins Dr. Phil and Sandie onstage. He currently has a no contact order against Aileen, so she is backstage watching the show. 

Dr. Phil asks Chris, “Why are you in this mess?”

“It’s complicated,” he says. “It’s really progressed, and there were signs. I should have done something differently a while ago.”

Dr. Phil asks Chris if he asked Aileen to marry him.

“I have not,” he replies. “Not that I can recall.”

Dr. Phil says to Aileen, “You want to marry Chris.”

“That would be my ultimate goal, but I don’t see that as happening,” she says. “I would just like to be in his life.”

“Do you want your daughter around Aileen?” Dr. Phil asks Chris.

“No. I do not,” he says. “Her intentions are to hurt several people, and my daughter may not be the direct target, but she takes a lot of the emotional brunt of everything that happens.”

Other Victims?

“Chris and I are not the only ones who have been harassed by Aileen. Aileen has done this before to her ex-husband and his wife,” Sandie says. “After Aileen and David divorced, he got back with his childhood sweetheart, Francina. Aileen did not like this at all. Aileen started calling in fake Child Protective Services reports on Francina.”

“Francina became friends with Sandie, because Sandie tried to get information about me and my past,” Aileen says.

“Aileen has stopped harassing Francina, because she now has Chris and I to harass,” Sandie says. “Francina has told me that Aileen will continue to stalk and bother me, until she finds a new target.”

Aileen responds to Sandie’s comments on tape. “The resentment I have toward Francina is that if I call and try to talk to my daughters, she would be, like, ‘They’re not home,’” she says. 

“Did you ruin their credit by ordering a bunch of stuff in their name?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I ordered pizzas and magazines,” Aileen admits. 

Facing the Truth

Aileen says that Sandie is “crazy,” and Dr. Phil confronts her about the accusation. Plus, Dr. Phil gives Aileen a reality check. 

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