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Dr. Phil full episode: 14-Year-Old Kendall Confronts Her Family: Did the Abuse Happen?

by Dr Phil Club

Dr. Phil finally meets 14-year-old Kendall, as she confronts her family members.


Kendall accuses her mother, Jill, of hitting her and her stepfather, Anthony, of threatening her, which they deny. Kendall also claims her father, Brent, acted in a sexually inappropriate way toward her, which he adamantly denies and the rest of the family say they do not believe. Anthony and Jill fear their marriage is headed for divorce due to Kendall’s out-of-control behavior and alleged lies, while Brent says he fears his daughter is not getting the help and structure she needs to straighten out her life. After the taping, hear more from an emotional and angry Kendall as she comes to terms with what is next.

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Adrianne Pfiester October 2019 -

This girl has Borderline Personality Disorder and probably Histrionic Personality Disorder. She’ll be completely alone soon.

Gabriela Stoner October 2019 -

I feel like the reason why she is acting out is because it did happend and no one believes her.

De'Asia MamaBoo Feeney October 2019 -

She did all that crying, but didnt shed one tear. She’s lying

Janelle Hersh October 2019 -

I can’t remember the first time either. I know it happened, but I only remember little snippets of what happened. Nothing sharply. I can picture what my abuser looked like and I remember his voice and even recall the cologne he wore, but I can’t go through a whole encounter and tell you what he did from start to finish. I was 10 at the time. I think a child’s mind takes over while the abuse is happening to block most of what happened in some sort of self-preservation.


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